About Newsmomger

Newsmomgering came about after much resistance to blogging.  I have always been a writer of stories, poetry, song lyrics, novels, etc.  After years of sending things out and receiving “no thank you” replies, I decided to just stop writing once and for all.  It took my niece at 15 telling me that if I had given up that she wasn’t even going to bother to make me write again after 6 months of quitting.

My youngest sister who blogs suggested blogging, and I normally would have told her that blogging wasn’t my thing, but the reality is that times change and so do people, and I will always want to write something even if no one wants to read it.  Blogging has actually been a new avenue for me that I am enjoying.  I’ve found people with common experiences and interests, and I’m motivated by even one person reading what I have written.

Thanks to my daughter and my husband’s encouragement I decided to give it a go.  My focus being on getting out and about and trying new things with my kids.  There are so many great family-friendly places and events in the Northeast that writing a blog gives me an excuse to take my kids to see and experience as many as we can.  I can’t wait to take my kids to places like North Pole, NY and skiing in Vermont.

 All my children are adopted or soon-to-be from foster care, so I also felt I could encourage others who want to be parents to go this nontraditional route.  I also am an educator with strong desires to make a change in the world by building children instead of repairing men, so anything I can offer that might benefit another parent and a child motivates me to share my successes and my failures in this arena called parenting.

I consider myself a teacher, mother, poet, writer, and new blogger who has strong opinions, so Newsmomger seemed an appropriate moniker.  Thanks for reading!  Share, please, if you like it!


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