Grace Kelly Style is My Era

I’ve always admired the cool sophistication yet crisp simplicity of Grace Kelly.  I watched her movies over and over because I loved watching her move in her A-line dresses–classy yet sexy at the same time.  Recently, I discovered the online fashion site Mod Cloth, and I am in love with their offerings.  I enjoy reading their blog, and last night I took the “What’s Your Fashion Era?” Quiz to confirm that I should have been born in the era of Grace Kelly.  I do love “timeless simplicity with a touch of class” with “clean” figure flattering lines.  It pegged me.


In looking at the site I discovered an interesting feature of a mystery item dress for $20.  I love a good surprise, so I ordered one for my niece.  I can’t wait to see what she gets.

After placing my order I received a $20 off $100 coupon in my inbox.  I plan to use it today!  I really love the retro feel of the dresses and the humor of many of the accessory items–kitty sneakers, mushroom house backpack, hedgehog nightlight lamp.

Now I’ll be looking for the perfect kitten heel to complement my Grace Kelly wardrobe.

In my cart right now:

image image  image

Check them out to find your own style era.  I am now an affiliate of ModCloth as well as a new customer and fan.


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