Writing Songs Together Helps You Bond

Last night with my six-year-old’s help, I wrote eight songs—lyrics only for an album the local YMCA is looking to record and sale to help raise funds for the new pool structure.  My daughter apparently told her very creative music instructor at the children’s choir last night that we often write together.  The instructor (a very nice and gifted man) approached me to find out if I would send him some samples.  So, last night we wrote songs to support the core values on which the YMCA was founded and those the organization aims to instill in the youth who participate in the many activities offered at the Y.  We wrote a song about the Y being a second family (which it is for many); honesty; respect; caring; being a friend; feeling good; being healthy; and finding beauty in the world and in one’s self.

We also had brainstormed some particular sports and activities that we will write songs about (maybe today).  This activity was very rewarding to do together.  Getting my daughter involved added to the creativity and also made her feel really important.  We laughed as we came up with rhyming words (some that were not really publishable but funny all the same) and we talked about the values as we wrote about them.  We really hope Max, the super talented musician, will like a couple of them and want to compose music to accompany the lyrics.  If not, we at least, had a marvelous time bonding over our mutual love of creating poetry on the blank page.


I think other parents and children would benefit from song writing or story writing together.  Even just telling a story and stopping abruptly to have your child continue on with the storyline is a great way of creatively bonding.  We call it “tag team storytelling” and have created some doozies telling stories this way.  Try it and see!  You’ll increase your child’s imagination as your bond grows stronger.  I need to start doing this with my littler kids too–I’m just a little leary of what crazy words they’ll throw into the poetry mix!

At least read and recite poetry together.  I recommend starting with the books written by Dr. Suess as they are silly and illustrated with fun pictures too!

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