The Best Things Come in “Boxed” Boxes is fast becoming my favorite new find.  I strongly dislike grocery shopping at the big bulk places due to the time commitment and all the hassle.  Dragging three kids along adds to my discomfort  due to their own strong dislike of shopping for anything other than toys.  Big bulk stores are not something they remotely enjoy unless it’s free sample day.

I received a coupon to try in a box of back-to-school clothing I ordered online.  And, I think the marketing strategy was pure genius because moms like me who avoid taking their kids to buy clothes also probably prefer not having to buy bulk toilet paper and lunch snacks in a physical store.  Add to the fact that I pretty much do everything on my cell phone these days from some lesson, park or play date location that caters to young children then this phone friendly discount store is right up my mommy alley.

I ordered our first shipment right away!  And, I received the nicest email telling me my order was being taken care of and reminding me to maintain a smile.😀  I really liked the humor I found in the communication from my new “friends.”

“Hey there!

Your Boxed order is being processed by our awesome team.

Below is the summary of your order:

Keep smiling! You just saved a TON of money, time and gas!

Please review the summary below for info about your order. Note that objects on Boxed are bigger than they appear and may arrive in separate boxes to fulfill your order.
We’re always here and super happy to make you happy. Want to get in touch? Contact us at

Your Friends”

I looked more thoroughly at and the website, and I liked everything I saw and read.  These people seemed to get me–working mother that I am–and I loved them for making buying pretzels and fruit snacks and hazelnut spread so much simpler.  I wonder if they will pack my kids’ lunches too?  A mom can hope. offers a rewards program.  I’m a sucker for those!  Love to get money or points or free gas or even a free cookie just for buying the stuff we need! And there isn’t an annual fee (no hideous picture) for a membership.  Shipping is free over $50.  And they encourage selfies (my daughter loves these) to be shared with their products on social media.  We are so going to do this!

Plus, the site encourages you to reach out. “Questions? Comments? Want to tell us a joke? We’ll get back to you within one business day. Just message us through the form below.”  (I’m going to have my daughter start telling them her never ending knock-knock jokes!) I filled out the easy form accepting them at their word, and I received the following email from my newest friend–love her!

“I’m so thrilled you’ve joined the Boxed Wholesale family! I created Boxed because my Saturday mornings of errands meant:
Gassing up the car and driving 30 minutes each way to the local warehouse club

Circling the lot to find parking

Navigating hundreds of people, with a large cart

Finally, waiting in line for 20 minutes to checkout

And this was before we had our wonderful baby daughter, (who is so so adorable, but loves to cry in the car unless “Let it Go” is on full blast)

It got me and a few hometown friends thinking – why hasn’t anyone made this easier? So that’s how we came up with Boxed. Wholesale sizes and wholesale savings delivered to your door – without a membership fee but with added focus on service, speed and smiles (you and us!).
Try us out, save a few hours, and get your weekends back! Let us know — what will you do with all the time you save?

CEO and Co-founder

Chieh Huang”
I’m definitely shopping here again, and maybe someday will sit down for tea and crumpets with my new likeminded bestie😉!  When my boxes come I’ll add photos of all our exciting lunch box fodder.  I’m a happy phone-shopping mommy who’s actually writing this entry from the park as my kids enjoy one last day of mommy’s freedom!

Check it out (they are not paying me for writing this) and save yourself some time, money and headaches!

Try out today using the online code: CJXV7 and get $15.00 to spend.

This post contains affiliate links, and I’ll earn a small commission if you shop through them. This is how we help to make money, so we can continue to bring you amazing content.

Educational Resources for children on the spectrum:


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