Eye Spy With My Little Eye


The Girl With Many Eyes 

By Tim Burton

One day in the park

I had quite a surprise.

I met a girl

who had many eyes.

She was really quite pretty

(and also quite shocking!)

and I noticed she had a mouth,

so we ended up talking.

We talked about flowers,

and her poetry classes,

and the problems she’d have

if she ever wore glasses.

It’s great to know a girl

who has so many eyes,

but you really get wet

when she breaks down and cries.

My two-year-old daughter underwent surgery on both her beautiful hazel eyes in July for Strabismus.  We had noticed since she was little that her eyes sometimes were misaligned, and if she was tired the degree of misalignment increased exponentially resulting in her tilting her head to focus both eyes on the same object.  This misalignment also increased her clutziness and caused her to fall and bruise or cut her legs with a higher frequency than a normal active toddler.  So, our primary aims were to improve her vision and to her increase her safety.

We also had another aim to minimize or eliminate any comments or teasing about her physical appearance. Noone wants their child to be teased because of his/her outward appearance, and while I will be the first to argue that looks should not be our primary focus in life, I also know the realities about the power of attractiveness and the benefits reaped by those more attractive than others.  So, I made the decision to look for a doctor to correct her eye troubles.

In searching, I came across the website for a pediatric opthamologist in Westchester County whose online photos showed a colorful and happy environment for kids.  My eyes were drawn in to the site because each room had an eyeful to look at–from dinosaurs, to Disney and Dr. Suess, to a room full of dragon and eagle kites.  I decided that if I was going to put my child through the unpleasantness of surgery that the least I could do was ensure she did so in a pleasant environment.

We were not disappointed in the quality of care received from Dr. Dawn Rush.  She was friendly and kind to us and answered all the questions we asked.  Her treatment of our little girl was also warm and caring as she used play and distraction techniques to get our active girl to participate in her exam.  Her princess wand was our baby’s favorite trick-up-the-sleeve, but she also responded well to Dr. Rush’s sticker-on-the-nose trick and her video of barking, walking and yelping toys.


From women’s eyes this doctrine I derive: They sparkle still the right Promethean fire; They are the books, the arts, the academes, That show, contain and nourish all the world.

William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour Lost

We visited the office on four occasions.  Each time I was able to keep my wild child under control by having her play a game of “I Spy” as there are so many things to spy in Dr. Rush’s colorful office.  We also read books and played with the toys available in her waiting area.  She likes the two stuffed snakes best, and so we play “snake” whevever we’ve gone to the “eye spy” doctor as we affectionately call Dr. Rush.

Surgery was performed at Northern Westchester Hospital in  mid-July.  We were very pleased with the care and treatment we received at the hospital (so much so that the hospital will be the subject of a future entry), and Dr. Rush was reassuring and professional towards us allowing my husband to hold the baby during the administration of the anesthesia.  She had prepared us ahead of time that it was normal for the patients’ eyes to roll back into their heads once the medication took affect.

The surgery was a success!  Her eyes are now aligned, and she’s even cuter than she was before.  Her vision is good, and she no longer has to tilt her head to see things normally.  We are happy as her parents that she will not have to undergo any teasing due to a condition that is completely correctable.

She will be able to see the beautiful things in this world and to use her eyes to one day flirt with cute boys without any mishaps in alignment (though we don’t really want to rush that last use of her beautiful eyes along). We absolutely feel we made the correct decision for our daughter.  Dr. Rush gets our recommendation, and even if sometimes there’s a bit of a wait to see her, she’s worth the wait.  Just settle in and play a game of “snake” or a round of “I Spy.”



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