Thanking You!

I have many ideas swirling around about what to write next on topics as varied as teeth, school starting (cue Star Wars soundtrack–Darth Vader’s theme), to best friends and potty training (have mercy!), but my daughter changed all that with some bits of conversation and some silly antics.   image

I think I was given this beautiful child to teach me the lessons I was too stubborn to learn growing up.  We had to have had some relationship prior to our mother-daughter experience because we complement each other so well and challenge each other in ways that though often annoying prove to be absolutely beneficial.

Cut to tonight.  The first day of first grade for her; the first day at preschool for my sweet boy; and the first day at a new daycare for the baby all happened this morning.  It was hairy getting everyone up and out the door this morning!  Mostly everything happened without glitches–I did innocently break the peanut rule in the lunches I packed, and the baby cried more than expected at my departure, but all-in-all the things that needed to get done got done.

Pick up didn’t go as smoothly.  I got the bus time wrong for my daughter who has never had to ride the bus before.  After waiting an hour (wrong time) and in the wrong spot, I called to find out she had already been dropped off.  I rushed home to find an upset and overheated child crying on the front porch.

After apologizing profusely, my girl looked at me and said, and I quote, “It’s ok, Mom, your mistakes are what make you human.”  Profound and actually stolen directly from the movie “Home” that she has basically memorized and been quoting for weeks.


Just the other day over lunch at Hardee’s her new favorite place (not mine–I’m not a burger gal) she had taken her straw as a prop “Shusher” and using her finger as a mustache she pretended to be Captain Smek.  Then later in the packed bathroom she announced that I needed to hurry because “I too need to break pee.”  Another time after being sent to her room to clean up she yelled downstairs, “I’m done.  Can I come into the out now?”  And after losing our car in the shopping center doing some back-to-school shopping, she declared, “I has found our car” when she spotted it before I did.  Of course, she also dances with her hands in the air like the character Oh and proclaims, “My hands are in the air like I just do not care.”  Her deadpan delivery kills me every time.

So, after picking up the other children on time I must add, feeding them, and discussing their days, I agreed to let them watch “Home” again even though it’s a school night.  Midway through my deep-thinking daughter states, “The Boov really should apologize to Oh, you know.  He annoys them while they try to work, but he’s a really good friend.”  I responded, “You think so?”  To which she replied, “I’d be his friend.”

She looks out for the underdogs.  She cares about the feelings of others–even fictitious alien life forms.  She asked me if the movie is real or fiction to which I responded that it’s fantasy.  She said she disagrees and thinks it’s more realistic fiction because someday we could be friends with aliens.  You never know, right?


I laid down with her to help her fall asleep, and once she was soundly snoring, I just stared at her beautiful face with her fine features and deep chocolate skin.  How easily she forgave me.  How quickly she was able to recover from tears to silliness.  How much can I learn from this tiny being?  The words of the character Oh came to me, “Thanking You!”

Buy the movie to share with your family at Amazon:

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