New York Air Show–Fast and Furious


The New York Air Show at Stewart Airport was indeed full of fast and incredible aerial performances.  However, the venue needs some changes to avoid furious spectators on the ground.

My email to the PR Director and her rapid and timely response follow:

The Response

Thanks for the feedback Stacy. We take all suggestions seriously. As you may know, this was our first time hosting the show here and our first day always experiences issues that we seek to address a d refine and improve. Our parking setup will be different today. All of the vendors will now be required to sell drinks and patrons will be allowed to enter the gate with a bottle of water.

We hope you will join us again as next year’s show will only get better as we better prepare for the large crowds here who obviously love air shows. We will have a whole year to plan and tweak our layout and recruit volunteers.

Again, thanks for attending our first event and we pledge to work hard to earn back your trust.

Cathy Bassett


My Original Email

On Aug 29, 2015 10:46 PM

My family and friends attended the show at Stewart on Saturday, and though we weren’t disappointed in the flight demonstrations and performances, we do feel the venue needs improvements.

First of all, the absence of signs indicating which lane to be in led to confusion and some dangerous road conditions as drivers cut each other off or fought to be first in line. If additional signs are not a possibility, perhaps the placement of law enforcement officials could be looked at in order to better guide the traffic patterns.

Secondly, we missed any signs or notices regarding the cost of parking. We knew we needed to pay to park, but as we traveled in separate vehicles, I only took $10 from my bag which stayed in the other vehicle, resulting in my having insufficient funds for parking and subsequently my having to pull out of the long line in order to wait for my husband to bring me additional funds. Had I known the parking cost or seen it posted, I would have been prepared to pay the fee instead of losing valuable time remedying the problem.

Lastly, and most importantly, something must be done to decrease the long lines and lack of sufficient vendors for water. We brought three children under 5, and 2 bottles of water which, we turned over upon entering the venue. Our friends brought along their 75 year-old mother. We understand the desire to make a profit, but at the cost of health and basic human needs it is not excusable, and quite frankly inhumane to make people wait an hour for a couple bottles of overpriced water. Either in the future, allow people to bring in at least one water bottle per person; provide water only vendors; or provide temporary water coolers to avoid what happened today–long lines, flaring tempers, and miserable customers. My family and friends left early in order to remedy our children’s and our elderly friend’s need for water.

Though, we love air shows and are true patriots, unless conditions improve by next year, we will not return to the venue. I appreciate your reading this email and taking these concerns seriously. I know I am not alone in my criticisms of the venue as I heard these concerns over and over again in line as I waited and on the bus to the parking lot.

Please, feel free to share this email with anyone empowered to make improvements.


Stacee Nunez


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